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Posted 01-08-2016
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Now in its tenth year, the Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) and Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia (CCAA) have joined forces once again to present CMIC16 as the leading conference for the construction materials industry. 

We are in an era where global megatrends and digital disruption are driving incredible change. In the current business climate in Australia, uncertainty and rapidly changing markets have increased pressure on our industry’s operations. Added to this are shareholder and owner 

expectations for businesses to grow or maintain profitability in a cyclical market. As a result, increasing pressure is being applied to do more with less. All businesses in our industry, small or large, supplier or customer, are reviewing what they are currently doing and looking for improved efficiencies. In effect, they are building their capability and innovating to survive and prosper for the next phase of the business cycle.

 Business thinking today needs capability and innovation as its core, and for this reason, CMIC16 has chosen these attributes as the main themes throughout their exciting conference. Efficiencies in processes, support tools, business systems for frontline services and improved offerings to customers are all examples of core business aspects that will be challenged by CMIC16. Much of what delegates know and love will still be retained within the conference while still introducing new and exciting elements including;


  • A re-energised exhibition with a focus on maximum delegate flow and exposure for exhibitors.
  • Dedicated Vendor Innovation Portal where exhibitors can feature their new products with a parallel series of technical industry presentations.

Industry Innovation Day

  • Dedicated exhibition visitor full day on Wednesday expanding on 2014 with technical industry presentations providing increased opportunity and value for local day visitors from across the industry at a very affordable price.


  • An open and inclusive partnership offering encouraging more opportunities to show your support for the Conference to the delegates and industry at large.


  • A two day compressed and punchy plenary program with high profile, dynamic thought leaders.
  • A closing Business Leaders Lunch Forum on Friday will be the perfect opportunity to wrap up and say goodbye to contacts old and new.

Social Program

  • A networking focused Welcome Reception on Wednesday night to energise delegates for the official Conference opening on Thursday.
  • Premier Gala Dinner to celebrate the industry on Thursday night at the National Gallery of Victoria under Leonard French’s stunning stained glass ceiling featuring high-profile entertainment and open to additional ticket holders.

Business environments along with stakeholder expectations are rapidly changing and with building capability and driving innovation being essential for prosperity, CMIC16 is offering the construction materials industry an unparalleled opportunity to wrestle with these challenges. Can you afford to not have the most current contacts and thinking for you and your business? The Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming you to CMIC16; “Capability and Innovation”.  

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