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Posted 21-09-2016
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Fibres in different types and forms have an unquestionable, profound effect on the performance of concrete structures. Put simply, high performance concrete does not exist without the use of fibres. From a design perspective, the questions remain, how can you manipulate the fibre to work for the intended purpose? How has this industry evolved, and what has been achieved so far?

Please join us for what will prove to be a valuable and interesting technical seminar detailing research, innovation and design utilising steel fibres, synthetic fibres and their effect on reinforced concrete.

Topics Include:

Steel Fibres revolutionize concrete: From research and innovation to standardisation and applications. 
- Dr Tian Ng - BOSFA

Design of the Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Segmental Lining at the Santona Laredo Subfluvial Water Tunnel. 
- Mr Todd Clarke - Elasto Plastic Concrete

Long term flexural performance of Fibre Reinforced Concrete. 
- Dr Stefan Bernard - Technology in Structural Engineering (TSE)