2018 Moscow Coal Ash Conference | Blog

Posted 21-06-2017
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In April 2018 the 6th International Conference – “Coal Ash Removal, Transport, Processing & Disposal” will be held in Moscow, Russia. The 2 day event will be hosted by the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI).

The first conference call has been released, outlining the topics that will be covered, the organising committee and committee members of the conference and all relevant contact details.

Click Here to download the full first Conference Call Report. 


Conference Organiser:
Centre for Science and Education MPEI – Member of the world wide coal combustion products network and Affiliated member of European Coal Combustion Products Association (ECOBA).

Organising Committee of the Conference:

  • Chair Putilov V.Y., Head of Centre for Science and Education “Ecology of Power Engineering” (MPEI, Russia)
  • Deputy Chair Putilova L.V. (MPEI, Russia)

Conference Topics:

  • Change in environmental legislation and its impact on the coal ash handling problem
  • Coal ash production and applications
  • Consumer properties and certification of coal ash
  • Use of coal ash in construction and agriculture
  • Advanced training and retraining of specialists in the field of coal ash handling

For more information contact MPEI here: https://mpei.ru/Pages/default.aspx​