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Australian producers and marketers of power station ash formed the Ash Development Association of Australia (ADAA) with the objective of investigating and developing market opportunities for the use of these materials in various industry applications such as construction, agriculture and manufacturing.

While the principal output from coal combustion is energy, significant quantities of by-products in the form of coal combustion products (CCPs) are also produced. In life cycle terms, the opportunities to exploit the low energy embodied in CCPs such as fly ash, furnace bottom ash, boiler slags and cenospheres are extensive. 

The combustion of pulverised coal in the furnace of a coal-fired power station boiler results in the production of a number of solid by-products. Internatioanlly we now more accurately classifiy these inert solid by-products as coal combustion products. This term reflects a more positive view and is in keeping with circular economy concepts, being an industrialised approach that seeks to use one industry's by-product output as another industry's material inputs.

We trust you find this website resource helpful, moreover gain a better understanding of coal combustion products which are man-made minerals that can help conserve finite natural resources.    

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Fly Ash and Recycled Materials Construct Central Coast Road


A big win for the Central Coast and construction industry in driving Australia’s future towards a sustainable and circular economy.

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ADAA Participates in New Research Hub Tackling Waste Crisis


RMIT University is leading a new major Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub. The hub will address the landfill waste crisis in Australia and focus on transforming reclaimed waste into new materials for use in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

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The World of Coal Ash


The American Coal Ash Association has annouced the dates for WOCA 2021!

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$50 million magnesium project approved in Vic


The world’s first project to create magnesium out of brown coal fly ash has received the tick of approval in Hazelwood, Victoria.

Latrobe City Council granted Latrobe Magnesium with the $50 million investment to the region.

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