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Posted 25-07-2017
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The ADAA booth will be present at Concrete 2017, the 28th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia, will be held in Adelaide at the Adelaide Convention Centre next week from 22nd October to 25th October 2017. The conference will also be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Congress on Durability of Concrete (ICDC)

The Conference Organising Chairs, Professor Julia Mills and Associate Professor Rebecca Gravina, invite people from both Australia and the rest of the world, to be part of this historic joint event which will provide delegates with valuable exposure to cutting edge research and development as well as the chance to network in a truly international forum. Concrete 2017 will focus on the theme ‘Advances in Concrete Materials and Structures’ and is dedicated to bringing together global leaders in the concrete industry, covering all aspects of concrete design improvements, research, construction, maintenance and repair of concrete projects.

Conference Program

The three-day conference will include 4 parallel sessions each day, providing delegates with every opportunity to attend papers on topics related to their specialities or key areas of interest. At the time of publication the program was in its initial stages of preparation, however it will include the following (but not limited to) themes and topics:

•    Durability – a key focus with a number of international speakers from ICDC
•    Case Studies & Major Projects 
•    Materials (incl. cement technology, SCM’s, aggregates, geopolymers)
•    Structures behaviour and design 
•    Reinforcement materials
•    Repair and retrofit 
•    Constructability and concrete construction 
•    Innovations (incl. 3D printing, UHPC, recycled materials)
•    Precast concrete
•    Environmental and Sustainability

Delegate Registration is Open

Registration for Concrete 2017 and 3rd ICDC is open and can be made via the conference web site www.concrete2017.com