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The Ash Development Association of Australia is your industry body representing the interests of producers, processors, marketers, suppliers and other associated stakeholders of coal combustion products.  An important part of the Association’s role is ensuring that Association members are kept abreast of wider industry developments, environmental issues and legislation changes affecting our industry. 

To further enhance our current bi-annual ‘Coal Ash Matters’ industry newsletter, we have introduced a bi-monthly ‘Coal Ash Flash’  (e-Blast) to keep our members abreast of current news and issues from around Australia and the Globe. If you would like to subscribe to Coal Ash Matters and Coal Ash Flash, click below!


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The Coal Combustion and Gasification Products (CCGP) website is ready for your perusal!

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US Coal Ash Study


In a white paper published in January 2020, A Comprehensive Survey of Coal Ash Law and Commercialization: Its Environmental Risks, Disposal Regulation, and Beneficial Use Markets  commissioned by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners under a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, found that regulation to comply with Federal and State EPA requirements by utilities [coal fired power stations] or CFPS will be costly.

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WEBINAR - Beneficial Uses of Fly Ash


Global changes to the coal power industry are reflected in fly ash production, with the shift to Asia creating a fly ash deficit in the USA and Western Europe. Amid rising demand, the market price of fly ash has risen and is currently one third that of cement. 

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Improved Performance for Geopolymer Concrete Mixes


India’s leading companies involved in the construction, infrastructure, and ready-mix concrete sectors have been given the green light to trial EdenCrete (a carbon nanotube enriched liquid) with geopolymer cement. By exploring the potential of the carbon-strengthened additive, India aims to combine EdenCrete with high pozzolan (fly ash, silica fume, slag) concrete mixes to optimise performance and increase cement efficiency.

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Innovation and Sustainability - Earth Friendly Concrete


The rising need for more housing, buildings and developments to shape our growing population is simultaneously sparking concerns of carbon emissions and its impact on future generations. For Toowoomba based construction company, Wagners, sustainability in the construction industry is key.

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Philippines Volcanic Eruption Beneficial For Brick Production


Communities destroyed in the blink of an eye. What little remains, buried in ash. 

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Assessing NORM in Coal Combustion Products: An Australian Perspective


Our CEO, Craig Heidrich, was recently published in Gradient Corps Newsletter, Gradient Trends.

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Progress For The Coal Combustion And Gasification Products Journal


The Coal Combustion and Gasification Products (CCGP) online journal welcomes our Chief Executive Officer, Craig Heidrich on the CCGP Editorial Board. 

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The ADAA Meets with Sydney Metro


The Ash Development Association of Australia and the University of NSW recently met with Sydney Metro to discuss

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Dr. Aiken is searching for Coal Ash.

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ASCP News Updates - November 2019


Every single update from the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements.

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The Truth About Coal Ash


Coal Ash is so often misrepresented in the media, academics like Dr. Lisa Bradley are attempting to combat this issue.

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ASCP News Updates October 2019


Plently of exciting things coming from the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements!

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Concrete Pavement Events


ASCP Brisbane Forum & CPEE Concrete Pavement Design and Constrution Course

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The 29th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia was held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, NSW. Taking place from 8th of September to 11th of September 2019. The focused theme for Concrete 2019 was: 'Concrete in Practice –Progress through Knowledge'.

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Changes to Australian Standards


 A number of Australian Standards relevant to the Sampling & Testing of Aggregates have been published recently. The purpose of the Standard is to provide general information on the requirements of standard pieces of equipment used throughout the AS 1141 series for the testing of aggregate and rock for engineering purposes.

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Geopolymer Concrete in the Spotlight


In June 2019, the Sydney City Council along with University of NSW and Wagners Concrete worked together to lay 15 metres of Geopolymer Concrete in a busy street of Sydney. The project was part of 7 years of research together with UNSW and the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, which saw the concrete laid to undergo 5 years of testing against regular concrete laid as a control. 

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Annual Production and Utilisation Survey Report: 2018 - Summary


The beneficial use of coal combustion products (CCPs) during 2018 resulted in 5.936 million tonnes or 47% being beneficially used, resulting in the conservation of; energy; finite natural resources, the reduction of carbon emissions through the recovery of CCPs being mineral by-product resources.

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Sydney drives world-first green roads trial


In the first trial of its kind, we’ve taken industrial waste from coal-fired power stations and steel manufacturing to create a new roadway. Working with researchers from the University of NSW, we’ve replaced a section of roadway on Wyndham Street in Alexandria to test the green concrete’s durability. Made from fly ash and blast furnace slag, geopolymer concrete is a sustainable blend of concrete and recycled materials.

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World of Coal Ash Proceedings 2019


World of Coal Ash 2019 proceedings have been posted online. The papers join an archive of presentations from previous WOCA symposia.

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