CCP Slag and Boiler Slag

These are vitreous, grainy materials from the wet ash removal of wet bottom furnaces. In a wet bottom furnace the ash collects in a molten state on the furnace floor and flows over a water-cooled weir into a quenching tank filled with water. In Australia, quenched and crushed boiler slag is also commonly described as FBA.

Economiser Grit

This is a coarse substance similar to bottom ash, which collects within the economiser section of the boiler. It is usually handled together with the bottom ash as a combustion product.


This material is produced in power stations where sulfur is removed from the flue gas stream using Flue Gas Desulfurisation (FGD) technology. At this stage there are no utility boilers in Australia equipped with FGD systems.

Metals Extraction

Using various methods of heating and cooling such as combined hydromet / thermal reduction it is possible to extract metals and other rare earth materials from FA. The extraction process allows elements such as magnesium to be collected from brown coal power stations. A current member of the ADAA, Latrobe Mangesium is currently in the final stages of testing a patented extraction process to harvest metal from industrial FA.