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Posted 25-02-2016
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The APCC has released the second edition to the widely recognised “Procurement of Construction Products: A Guide to Achieving Compliance”. The Guide is aimed at assisting anyone involved in the building industry to ensure the building products they select, buy and install meet Australian building standards. The Guide fills the gap in credible and accurate information on ‘safety critical’ products, to verify construction product conformance, in order to determine whether or not a product is fit-for-purpose.

The Guide now recognises 34 industry led product accreditation schemes and guidance information across a range of building product categories including reinforcing and structural steel, cementitious materials for concrete, wood products, glazing products, electrical products, fire safety services, plumbing products, insulation products, coating products and building products. The Guide is an important and valuable contribution to the efficiency and reliability of the building and construction industry. This Guide has been jointly developed by 30 key construction industry stakeholders and supported by many others.