As Strong as an Ox - Fly Ash Proppants! | Blog

Posted 27-05-2016
Category News

Queensland based company Coretrack Ltd has developed a new ceramic proppant made predominantly from fly ash, which is lightweight and inexpensive compared to its predecessors. The innovative proppant allows for deeper 'fracking' and can withstand higher pressures than traditional ceramic proppants.

Fracking is defined as ‘fracturing’ the Earth’s surface using high-pressure fluids to release natural gas. The cracks from the fluid often close up once the hydraulic fracturing has taken place. To counter this problem, small solid materials (proppants) are immediately injected into the fractures to allow the cracks to stay open to maximize the extraction of the natural gas.

Coretrack Ltd has recently begun commissioning at its proppant plant near Brisbane, Queensland. The company’s board has unanimously decided to expand into the United States markets where the competition is fierce and deeper proppants are required to retrieve the natural gas.

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