Coal Combustion By-products Aren’t All Bad: The Beneficial Use Solution | Blog

Posted 13-10-2016
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While it’s true that coal ash can be an environmental hazard if it’s not properly managed, there are a lot of positive uses for coal combustion products that actually provide benefits to the world. Many beneficial uses have been around for decades, but valuable new options are being developed, and some are starting to make their way into the market. 

Coal combustion residuals are often viewed as a troublesome burden—a waste product that coal-fired power plants struggle to deal with. Much has been written about disposal management strategies, and a lot of money is spent annually on landfills and monitoring. But in many cases, disposal is not the best option; beneficial use of the material could save money and reduce liability.

This article provides an interesting perspective on We Energies journey towards 100% benefical reuse of all coal combustion products from its faciliies, along with some novel developements and applications. Click here  CCP_WE Energies  to download full article.