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Posted 14-11-2016
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It's here! The simple and easy to use FactBook on everything you want to know about CCPs!

Available on Apple iBooks, Google Play Store and Amazon's Kindle to suit your every technologocial whim, the ADAA has developed this FactBook to appeal to not only CCP experts, but to everyone. The incisive 35 page summary is informative, and surprisingly comprehensive and knowledgeable, encapsulating a variety of topics including: 

  • Coal formation
  • Coal combustion producy summaries 
  • The collection of of coal combustion products
  • The use of coal combustion products
  • Market and industry information 


From only $4.00 you can be the proud owner of this eBook! Follow the links above to join the eBook revolution. To enhance your viewing experience, for ipads, iphones and other apple devices please download our eBook from the Apple iBook store and for android devices please follow the links to the Google Playstore.