Coal Ash Asia 2018 | Blog

Posted 24-05-2018
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The 8th annual Coal Ash Asia (CAA) Conference will be held from the 12th - 15th September in Shouzhou City, Shanxi Province, China.

Join over 700 industry leaders, to explore innovation in research and technology, as well as industry and markets trends over 3 days of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and business collaboration.


The CAA2018 Conference will focus on:

  1. Coal Ash Processing and Utilization: grinding, classifying and superfine grinding, cement, concrete, wall materials, geopolymers, high value utilisation, ceramics, cenospheres, fillers, calcium sulpho aluminate, proppants.
  2. FGD Gypsum: drying and calcination, construction applications, blocks boards, mortar, agricultural applications, high strength gypsum.
  3. Coal Gangue and Coal Chemical Residue: processing and utilization.
  4. Metal Extraction: aluminium and other metal extraction best practices and methods.

How can your organisation get involved? Click below to read more about possible ways to contribute and participate.