Annual Production and Utilisation Survey Report: 2018 - Summary | Blog

Posted 15-07-2019
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The beneficial use of coal combustion products (CCPs) during 2018 resulted in 5.936 million tonnes or 47% being beneficially used, resulting in the conservation of; energy; finite natural resources, the reduction of carbon emissions through the recovery of CCPs being mineral by-product resources.

The survey results for CCPs production and end uses for the period January to December 2018 discussed in this report are shown in Table 1. Over the survey period more than 90 million tonnes of thermal coal was consumed to generate vital energy to support the Australian economy.  Some 12.6 million tonnes of all CCPs were produced with 47% being effectively utilised  within various civil and construction applications throughout Australia. 

Total CCPs produced increased slightly over the reporting period, but the longer term trend has been decreasing. This decline is consistent with reduced demand for thermal coal as an energy source, coupled with ongoing energy reforms, renewable energy targets (RET) and state government privatisation agenda for electricity over the past several years. 

Please click on the report cover if you wish to download.  Past reports are avaliable on request, but note the current report also includes and 10 year summary.