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Posted 20-09-2019
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ASCP Sydney & Brisbane Forums

ASCP will host their last Brisbane forum for this year & it will present an overview of the recent ASCP Concrete Pavements conference outcomes, two conference papers, one by Bruce Perry from Cement Australia, and the other by John Hodgkinson, Honorary Member of ASCP.  There will also be a presentation by Budi Soetanto and Patrick Feeney from TMR on the Pacific Motorway concrete pavement rehabilitation between Yatala and Reedy Creek. The forum will take place on the 16th of October.

Register to attend through the ASCP website via this link – ASCP Brisbane forum .

The ASCP will also be holding a forum in Sydney on the 21st of October in West Ryde. TIm Buckingham-Jones will provide an overview of the Pavement Value Workshop that was facilitated by the American Concrete Pavement Association. Tasha Eagle will also be in attendance to talk about the interstate highway project in Georgia, USA where significant increases in strength and durability were acheived using carbon nanotube technology.

Register to attend through the ASCP website via this link – ASCP Sydney forum .


CPEE Concrete Pavement Design and Construction Course

This course provides valuable knowledge for state road authorities, local government, pavement designers, contractors.  It is suitable for project managers, supervisors, consulting engineers, field engineers, technical operatives, graduate engineers and cadet engineers in the field of concrete road pavements.

Who Should Attend?

▪ State road authority and local government engineers and managers with responsibilities in the provision, approval, design, construction or maintenance of concrete roads & pavements. This to also include project managers and senior supervisors. 

▪ Consulting engineers with involvement in road and/or pavement projects. 

▪ Road & Pavement construction contractors, engineers, project managers and supervisors. 

▪ Local Government engineers, project managers and senior supervisors. 

▪ Technical operatives and Engineering graduates and “cadets” looking for specialist knowledge for career development. 

Topics -

  • Construction & Maintenance Considerations

  • Road Environment 

  • Materials

  • Pavement Design Systems

  • Subgrade Evaluation 

  • Design Traffic & Case Study

  • Structural Thickness

  • Jointing & Reinforcement

  • Worked Example


Refer to the attached course notice for more details.  Registrations are to be made through the CPEE website using this link – Register for CPEE course .