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Posted 05-12-2019
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The Ash Development Association of Australia and the University of NSW recently met with Sydney Metro to discuss all things Geopolymers. Our Chief Executive Officer, Craig Heidrich and UNSW Professor, Stephen Foster, were given the opportunity to meet with Sydney Metro sustainability personnel to share "what we have learned from our seven (7) year research journey into low carbon 'geopolymer concrete”.

Stephen & Craig spoke about the low carbon 'geopolymer' concrete opportunities using the primary binders of GGBFS and fly ash in pavement and concrete-related structures using conventional design and construction methods. As well as giving the attendees an insight into the achievements of the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living projects the meeting discussed emerging commercial applications of low carbon 'geopolymer' concretes.

The presentation was extremely well received Craig Heidrich said, "the attendees were particularly interested in the development of the Geopolymer Handbook and the work as part of the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRC-LCL) in partnership with Standards Australia, as it will help drive innovation in the low carbon concrete across the supply chain”. 

Sydney Metro Assistant Sustainability Manager, Laura Pritchard, who arranged and facilitated the meeting, expressed keen interest in the publication of the Geopolymer Handbook and inclusion of a performance-based standard in AS3600, in particular when, suggesting that it will be of great assistance in paving the way for getting low carbon concrete used in our projects. Prof Foster responding that the Handbook is in its final stages with Standards Australia. 

Prof Foster said "the next steps for increasing the understanding and commercial uptake of low carbon 'geopolymer' concrete is getting more project on the ground, and working out how to share risk with all stakeholders involved (suppliers, delivery partner, client, etc). Prof Foster believed Sydney Metro is well-positioned to take some leadership in this respect.   

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