Geopolymer Concrete Developed at Swinbourne University of Technology | Blog

Posted 03-03-2020
Category News

A new Geopolymer Concrete has been developed & patented by SUT Researchers Dr Behzad Nematollahi and Professor Jay Sanjayan. 

Dr Nematollahi is an ARC DECRA Fellow at the Center for Smart Infrastructure and Digital Construction and also the Deputy Director of Digital Construction and Concrete Laboratories.

The concrete made predominately with fly ash sourced from Gladstone, Queensland has shown to be around 400-times more bendable when compared to conventional concrete, while retaining its regular strength. 

Dr. Nematollhai outlined that his concrete technology can work with multiple types of fly ash, noting that he and his team are also utilizing Melbourne Ash, a combination of Gladstone fly ash and Calide fly ash. The concrete’s enhanced strength properties are one of its most impressive aspects.

This project highlights just how important Geopolymer Concrete is for our environment. Dr. Nematollahi’s concrete requires around 36% less energy to create and releases 76% less carbon dioxide when compared to conventional concrete made of cement.

The concrete’s ability to bend under force - earmarked for regions that frequently suffer from natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. 

For more information visit the Swinbourne University of Technology website.