SmartCrete CRC Gets the Green Light | Blog

Posted 18-03-2020
Category Research


The Association is very pleased to announce that the Minister for Industry, the Honourable Karen Andrews MP, has announced that the SmartCrete CRC was awarded $21 million in funding. The SmartCrete consortium has nearly $90 million of resources which will be deployed to realise the major opportunities for the concrete sector over the next 7 years.

Minister Andrews said the SmartCrete CRC also had the potential to drive down costs significantly without compromising safety or quality.

“Concrete is so essential to our building industry and public infrastructure projects that even small savings and increases in productivity can make a massive difference,” Minister Andrews said. “It will allow us to get more bang for our buck, which is so important for the productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.”

The industry-led SmartCrete CRC has generated a further $69 million in cash and in-kind contributions from industry and researchers. Since 2013, the Government has committed $1.1 billion to support the establishment of 30 CRCs, with industry and research partners contributing $3.4 billion in cash and in-kind contributions.

This funding will facilitate one of the most significant collaborative research efforts into the concrete industry that we have seen in Australia. With $90 million to invest over the next 7 years to expand the industry and significantly improve the productivity of Australia.

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