Boral’s Plans To Keep Up With The Growing Demand For Concrete And Fly Ash | Blog

Posted 16-04-2021
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Earlier this month, Boral announced the completed sale of its 50% share in the USG Boral joint venture to Gebr Knauf KG.

On the 15th of April 2021, the company also announced its plans for the North American fly ash business. Options of a potential joint venture, strategic alliance or divestment to a third party or continued ownership were mentioned in preparation for an increase in demand for concrete and fly ash put forth by the US government.

Commenting on the company’s faith in the fly ash industry, Boral’s CEO Zlatko Todorcevski said:

“We have conducted a detailed study of the US fly ash industry and remain confident in the long-term demand dynamics for the industry, including significant incremental demand growth potential from the US government’s proposed new infrastructure program”.

This comes after United States’ President Joe Biden pledged to spend up to US $2 trillion to ‘revamp’ the US economy and upgrade the nation’s ageing infrastructure. Naturally, this will only push demand for fly ash and concrete.

Addressing the benefits of harvesting repositories for future generations, Todorcevski continued:

“New opportunities for supply exist from harvesting landfills, imports and natural pozzolans, which we expect will more than offset the decline in fresh fly ash supply as the US transitions away from coal-fired power generation. As we continue to build our alternative supply strategy, strategic alliances and opportunities for partnership will be considered in parallel with divestment options or continued ownership”.

Boral has said it has acquired advisors to assist with the study and development of the fly ash business within the company. The results of the study are set to be released around August this year that may bring ash to the forefront of sustainable infrastructure.