Stanwell's CCP Recovery And Placement Road Demonstration- You're Invited! | Blog

Posted 27-05-2022
Category News

ADAA member, Stanwell Power Station in Queensland has commenced an on-site road repair using stored coal combustion products (CCP) in place of traditional quarry materials. The required repairs provide an opportunity to demonstrate the recovery and placement of CCP that is historically considered a waste product.  

While only a small section of road (150 m) is undergoing repairs, this is an opportunity for anyone in the business of road construction with an interest in sustainable solutions to see for themselves how it handles. The attached shows a cross-section of the planned repair design comprising:

  • 300 mm layer of CCP
  • 200 mm layer of CCP
  • 100 mm layer of traditional road base.

Due to increasing interest in the use of CCP from the external industry, Stanwell would like to extend an invitation to ADAA members to come to Stanwell Power Station to see the recovery and placement.

After delays associated with rain and operational matters, Stanwell is tentatively proposing that Friday, the 3rd of June, is likely to be the best day. Anyone interested in coming to the site should contact Jodi Liddell on  to arrange a suitable time for both parites.