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Posted 31-08-2022
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Cement Australia joins Association to explore further low carbon opportunities 

Cement Australia has been a long-term market developer and supplier of the building materials industry with supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash. This helps to improve concrete properties and enhance environmental performance on low carbon concrete products. The National Technical Manager of Cement Australia, Paul Kidd, emphasises his excitement for the partnership, explaining, "We look forward to working with you and the ADAA team over the coming years,” he said. 

Cement Australia actively promote fly ash benefits on its website. Apart from offering these environmental advantages by re-using industry by-products, adding fly ash can also improve the overall performance and quality of concrete. Fly ash affects the plastic properties of concrete by improving workability, reducing water demand, controlling bleeding, and lowering the heat of hydration. Fly ash increases strength development at later ages, reduces corrosion of reinforcing steel, and generally improves resistance to chemical attack and mobility through a reduction in permeability.

The Association welcomes Cement Australia and their support of our primary charter, which is to increase users, stakeholders, and regulators awareness of the benefits arising through the effective utilisation of coal combustion products, highlighting them as a valuable mineral resource. 

Cement Australia is Australia’s leading supplier of Fly Ash, with Fly Ash recovered from the waste of coal fired power stations in QLD, NSW and WA. Fly Ash is used as a cement replacement with over 1.4 million tonnes of concrete grade Fly Ash recycled through the construction industry every year. Cement Australia classifies, stores and distributes concrete grade Fly Ash and other ash products to both local and interstate markets. The quality and consistency of Cement Australia’s Fly Ash results in enhanced mix design efficiencies in concrete.


For more information click on www.cementaustralia.com.au