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Posted 11-01-2023
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Coal Combustion Products (also known as CCPs) are solid waste materials produced when coal is burned to generate electricity.

In approved applications they derive substantial benefits including conserving natural resources, saving energy, and reducing associated carbon emissions, resulting in measurable economic benefits. ADAA member, Stanwell Corporation, are continuously diverting hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coal combustion products (CCP) from landfill by treating them as a resource instead of as waste. 

Stanwell's dedication to diverting increased volumes of CCPs from landfill can be observed in their various projects that showcase sustainable solutions, aiding a lower carbon future and enabling the government and their customers to meet their sustainability goals and ESG targets.

Some of Stanwell's recent investments in sustainable solutions include the:

  • CCP recovery and placement sustainability road 
  • Tarong Power Station fly ash plant investment
  • Stanwell Power Station high CCP utilisation in pavement design trial,
  • Design guide for rural pavements which is currently under development.

Tarong Power Station 
Tarong Power Station is a newly built CCP offtake facility and one of Stanwell Corporations' recent projects that are driving the circular economy forward. The offtake facility has the capacity to support 400,000 tonnes per annum of high-quality cement-grade fly ash. This will allow Tarong Power Station to decrease the CCP stored at site and facilitate the use of CCP in infrastructure projects. 

- Ash Offtake Facility at Tarong Power Station

Stanwell Power Station Road Repair
The road repair demonstration at Stanwell Power Station is an additional project highlighting sustainable solutions by increasing ash utilisation in major infrastructure projects. Stanwell Corporation is currently working with local councils and civil contractors to investigate the possibility of incorporating CCPs into future road design and construction. 

- Road Repair Trail at Stanwell Power Station

Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) can be used in a wide range of bound and unbound applications. Bound applications chemically transform the resource into a final product such as cement, concrete and supplementary cementitious materials.

Unbound applications include the CCPs as an alternative to traditional quarry materials in applications such as soil stabilisation, pipe bedding, engineered fills, and cable bedding. 

If you would like more information regarding these projects, a video has been shared: Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) - Innovation and Collaboration

To learn more about Stanwell Corporations, visit their official website.