SmartCrete CRC Webinar: Performance-based Specifications for Concrete | Blog

Posted 31-05-2023
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Specifications are key to ensure that concrete structures meet all the design and service life requirements.

Traditionally, concrete specifications have been specified prescriptively, for example by defining the minimum cement content and maximum water-to-cement ratio to provide durability for the required service life. While the prescriptive specification paradigm has pros around simplicity and broad acceptance, it represents a level of rigidity and other drawbacks.

Of late, there have been increasingly calls for the greater use of performance-based specifications to progress the development and use of innovative and sustainable concrete technologies.

We have invited four industry experts to share their insights and discuss the implications and possibilities of moving from prescriptive specifications to performance-based specifications.

Join SmartCrete CRC,  next Thursday, 8 June at 2:30pm for an engaging webinar, which will inform SmartCrete CRC's next Industry Challenge.

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