How to Recycle Fuel Ash from Coal-Fired Power Stations | Blog

Posted 05-09-2023
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Fuel ash from burning coal in coal-fired power stations is being put to good use in the construction industry, after advancements in technology have helped in assisting the relocation and transformation of this by-product.

The current demand for concrete worldwide is around 14 billion cubic metres annually.

By 2050, this number is expected to rise by 43%, with over 20 billion cubic metres needed each year.

Currently, concrete carbon dioxide emissions account for 8% of total global emissions, with this number increasing annually.

Pulverised fuel ash or fly ash is a by-product from coal-fired power stations, and can be blended to reduce emissions, creating stronger, more durable concrete.

Using this by-product is most applicable due to its high abundance and low cost.

Other ways in which fuel ash can be recycled include:

-Abrasives such as sandpaper and grinding wheels

-Manufacturing plastics, paints, & rubbers

-Improving properties in soil

Effectively recycling this coal-fired by-product will significantly reduce the amount of emissions that are being released and will help contribute to the sustainability of the construction industry and the greater population.