Latrobe Magnesium Produces the World’s First Sustainable Magnesium Oxide | Blog

Posted 14-05-2024
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Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) has commissioned the first phase of its 1,000 tonnes per annum, Stage 1 Demonstration Plant, successfully producing the world’s first environmentally sustainable magnesium oxide (MgO) from fly ash waste from brown coal power generation.

The accomplishment represents a notable advancement in the establishment of a sustainable method for magnesium extraction on an industrial level.

The company highlights the utilisation of its patented hydromet process in achieving this milestone.

CEO, David Paterson said: “We are incredibly proud of the results from our Demonstration Plant and the achievement of MgO production. The world’s first flow sheet using a hydromet process is a testament to our technology, our staff and contractors involved in the process to date.”

“As the only new Western producer, the importance of Latrobe magnesium’s production is globally significant, and this achievement validates our patented hydrometallurgical technology and years of research and development to get to this stage.”

LMG's exclusive hydrometallurgical extraction and thermal reduction technology stand as the sole method capable of extracting magnesium from brown coal fly ash and ferro-nickel slag tailings.

By converting nearly 100% of these undesirable waste resources into marketable products, this process operates with low emissions.

It yields magnesium metal along with valuable secondary products, which are anticipated to contribute approximately 25% to the revenue without incurring additional costs.

LMG's patented process not only slashes the operational expenses associated with conventional methods of magnesium and cement production but also reduces carbon emissions by up to 60% compared to the industry standard.

Following this achievement and validating the hydromet process, LMG can now officially commence a bankable feasibility study and financing discussions, in relation to the 100%-contracted, 10,000 tonnes per annum Stage 2 Commercial Plant.

MgO production from the Demonstration Plant will be sold to Rainstorm Dust Control Pty Ltd in accordance with the MoU between the parties.

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