Waste to Wealth: Innovative Plant Creating Eco-Friendly Construction Supplies | Blog

Posted 02-05-2024
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Brixx Technology, an American manufacturing company that specialises in producing sustainable products that reduce energy consumption and promote the use of industrial waste, are in the process of building a new plant that will turn waste products into sustainable construction supplies.

“The plant is in production right now. It will produce roughly 200,000 tons of material per year, using over 90% of landfill fly ash in the manufacturing process”, said CEO/President Randall Stremmel.

This became possible after the acquisition of the Sammis Power Plant, containing over 200 acres of fly ash reserves. Stremmel believes this is the first plant of its kind in the country.

A $200,000 grant from the Ohio EPA will assist Brixx in the construction.

"The money will go to expanding our facility, adding additional products that will benefit the community,” Stremmel said.

Once the plant is operating, the manufacturing process is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% compared to traditional brick manufacturing. “Our patented process encapsulates any toxins, making it non-leachable.”

About Brixx Technology

Brixx Technology LLC is a Houston-based remediation manufacturing company established in 2021 to build, own, and operate remediation manufacturing facilities.

Brixx Technology utilizes a proven patented process for converting industrial waste from coal-power generating facilities and transforming the waste into non-toxic, high-strength, sustainable building materials.

The Brixx remediation manufacturing process is highly energy efficient when compared to other brick manufacturing companies by using an estimated 70% less energy.

With the efficiencies of energy consumption along with the no-cost for recycled raw materials, our product can be manufactured for pennies per brick.

A single Brixx uses more than 90% waste; this qualifies as a green sustainable building material. An environmental product declaration (EPD) will be issued shortly to Brixx Technology.

This is a necessary step to obtain a LEED rating. The LEED product certification allows architecture or construction companies who are developing a green site to benefit from using Brixx for their overall rating.