Taiheiyo Invests $40M to Expanding SCM Capacity in CA, USA | Blog

Posted 27-06-2024
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CalPortland Stockton Terminal to Add 52K Ton of Ash Slag Storage

Image: CalPortland


A development of major interest in the use and storage of fly ash and slag has been made by Teiheiyo Cement Corp. with the expansion at CalPortland's Stockton terminal in California, USA. This marks a significant step in meeting the growing demand for sustainable construction materials.

Taiheiyo Cement Corp. has budgeted $40 million for the addition of 29,300-ton fly ash and 22,600-ton slag cement silos at the Stockton, Calif., terminal of its North American business, CalPortland. 

Along with new material handling and transfer equipment installations, the structures are scheduled for 2026 completion.

“In recent years, the need for decarbonization has encompassed all industries, including cement and ready-mix concrete, and they are now confronted with the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality,” noted Taiheiyo Cement.

“The utilization of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), such as slag and fly ash, has emerged as one potent strategy toward decarbonization. The U.S. cement industry is swiftly transitioning to limestone blended cement (Type IL), while the ready-mixed concrete industry is experiencing a growing trend toward green procurement, as indicated by the rising demand for SCMs.

[The Stockton terminal] expansion will enable CalPortland to effectively meet the growing requirements of the market.”