Fly Ash Reference Material

The ADAA in conjunction with the Standards Australia (SA) Committee BD/31, which is responsible for the maintenance, review and amendment of AS3582.1: Supplementary cementitious materials for use in Portland and blended cement Part 1, as of November 2005 are now responsible for the control and supply of the FA reference material used to determine fineness against the Australian Standard method AS 3583.1.

The Standard sets out the reference method for determination of the fineness of supplementary cementitious materials by the sieving method.

After an extensive testing program to determine the calibration value for the new reference materials, the BD31 Committee has determined the calibration value of the current calibration reference material is 87.6% passing a 45-micron sieve.

The new "Fly ash reference material" is now available to purchase directly from the ADAA in single or bulk orders.

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