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The Ash Development Association of Australia is your industry body representing the interests of producers, processors, marketers, suppliers and other associated stakeholders of coal combustion products.  An important part of the Association’s role is ensuring that Association members are kept abreast of wider industry developments, environmental issues and legislation changes affecting our industry. 

To further enhance our current bi-annual ‘Coal Ash Matters’ industry newsletter, we have introduced a bi-monthly ‘Coal Ash Flash’  (e-Blast) to keep our members abreast of current news and issues from around Australia and the Globe. If you would like to subscribe to Coal Ash Matters and Coal Ash Flash, click below!



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The latest announcements, headlines and news briefs from within the industry

CCGP- Call For Submissions!


The CCGP Journal is a joint publication between the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research and the American Coal Ash Association. The CCGP is an international peer-reviewed, online journal that encompasses the science and technology of the production, sustainable utilisation, chemistry, and environmentally sound handling of all by-products.

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Book Of Abstracts: EUROCOALASH 2021!


The 2021 EUROCOALASH Conference is this week! Have you registered?

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ASHES Magazine and AshTrans Conference


Updates on the new ASHES Magazine and the forthcoming AshTrans Conference in 2022.

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It's that time of year again... Finally! Last year, WOCA was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year as the battle against COVID settles, WOCA 2022 has been announced- that’s right! the World of Coal Ash returns on May 16th in the US!

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LMG's Demonstration Plant Takes The Lead


LMG has begun the construction of its $50 Million magnesium trial plant that will produce magnesium metal from fly ash, coming from EnergyAustralia's Latrobe Valley mine in Victoria (who is also a member of the ADAA). 

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EUROCOALASH Conference 2021 Updates


New government guidelines indicate that there are no capacity restrictions for fully vaccinated people and people who have recovered from Covid-19 at the EUROCOALASH Conference this year.

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Register Now: Ecologiq Seminar!


Ecologiq- a Victorian Government program is holding an online seminar next Thursday, September 23 2021, at 10:30 AM (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra time) to support the implementation of the new Recycled First Policy- put in place to promote 'greener infrastructure'. 

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Full Steam Ahead For BG&E


ADAA member BG&E has recently been awarded a new project to improve the connectivity of WA railway services.  

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ACAA Controlled Low-Strength Material Webinar


Dont miss out ! Register now!

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Transport for NSW: Test Method Publications


There have been a number of Transport for NSW test methods updated via their Activity Report.

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Wollongong's New Dual-Fuel Gas and Hydrogen Power Plant


Wollongong is being put on the map for clean energy, Australia’s first dual-fuel capable natural gas/hydrogen power plant has been announced to be constructed at EnergyAustralia's Tallawarra B Power Station in Wollongong, NSW Australia.

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Intergen Announces Plans For A Zero Carbon Power Plant


On the 23rd of June 2021, Intergen in association with HyNet North West (UK) announced plans to create a low carbon power station at InterGen’s Rocksavage Power plant in the Uk's Liverpool City.

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EUROCOALASH Conference 2021


EUROCOALASH is a three-day, international conference that is organised every two years for promoting the use of CCCPs (Coal Combustion Products) in the European and global construction industries. 

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5 Minutes with the CEO: Mr. Craig Heidrich Discusses New Parliament Inquiry


The Ash Development Association of Australia’s CEO Craig Heidrich sits down to tell a little bit more about a new parliamentary inquiry into ash, how he aims to tackle potential hurdles and what it means for the ash industry.

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Boral’s Plans To Keep Up With The Growing Demand For Concrete And Fly Ash


On the 15th of April 2021, the company announced its plans for the North American fly ash business.

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Coal Ash Helping The US Promote Circular Economy Principles Through Rare Earth Market


Newly licensed technologies developed at Purdue University could make use of Indiana’s growing amount of coal ash through new technology.

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A Secure Future for Yallourn Power Station Repositories


Energy Australia powers ahead with energy transition.

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Boral’s Ash-Infused Envisia® Concrete And New WA Project


Boral’s Envisia® low-carbon concrete has entered the trial phase to test the viability of its use for a new logistics facility in Perth. 

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Australia’s largest battery at coal-fired power plant


Origin Energy support transition away from coal-fired power with new plans to build a giant 700-megawatt capacity battery in the NSW Hunter region.

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From The Ashes


Fly ash from coal-fired power stations has become an important raw material for construction. But does the decline of coal power mean there’s no more ash?

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