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The Ash Development Association of Australia is your industry body representing the interests of producers, processors, marketers, suppliers and other associated stakeholders of coal combustion products.  An important part of the Association’s role is ensuring that Association members are kept abreast of wider industry developments, environmental issues and legislation changes affecting our industry. 

To further enhance our current bi-annual ‘Coal Ash Matters’ industry newsletter, we have introduced a bi-monthly ‘Coal Ash Flash’  (e-Blast) to keep our members abreast of current news and issues from around Australia and the Globe. If you would like to subscribe to Coal Ash Matters and Coal Ash Flash, click below!



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The latest announcements, headlines and news briefs from within the industry

Product Category Rule for SCMs: The First Step for EPDs


A North American Product Category Rule (PCR) has been created for supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), the first step in developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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Report Update: High-density Geopolymer Concrete at Port Kembla's Northern Breakwater


A report by The University of New South Wales has been developed whereby findings are presented on the performance of High-density Geopolymer Concrete (GPC) used in the fabrication of Hanbar amour units and placed at Port Kembla's Northern Breakwater. 

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Stanwell Corporation at the Cutting Edge of Developing New Uses for CCPs


Coal continues to be the largest energy source for electricity generation within Australia, and accordingly significant volumes of CCPs are produced, used, and stored annually. ADAA member, Stanwell is at the forefront of developing uses for CCPs, attributing its success to the skill and dedication of its workforce. 

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Cement Australia joins ADAA


Cement Australia joins Association to explore further low carbon opportunities. 

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Daracon Joins Shortlist For Hexham Straight Project


ADAA member, Daracon Group has officially been shortlisted to complete the Hexham Straight Widening project in Newcastle, revamping the journey from Sydney to Queensland.

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Transport for NSW's Baseline Sustainability Requirements Workshop: Register Now!


Your invited to Transport for NSW's Baseline Sustainability Requirements workshop, taking place online Wednesday 31 August 2022. 

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Stanwell Commence Construction at Clark Creek


 The revolutionary Clark Creek Wind Farm have formally launched operations on the first stage of the 800 MW wind project that will displace 2.7 million tonnes of carbon each year. 

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Announcing WOCA 2024


The World of Coal Ash international conference is on the horizon. Taking place on the 13-16 May 2024 and located along the banks of the Grand River Michigan, the conference focuses on the science, applications, and sustainability of worldwide coal combustion products (CCPs).

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Concrete 2023: Submit Your Abstract Today


Concrete Institute of Australia's Biennial National Conference is back and inviting YOU to take part in this significant event. 

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SmartCrete CRC New Scoping Study Project


A SmartCrete CRC Preliminary Proposal has been confirmed to understand the current state of utilisation, including forecast production and availability of various supplementary cementitious materials (SCM), in order to continue to lower carbon opportunities for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector. 

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NATSPEC: Specifying for Green Star Buildings


The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has published the new resource Specifying for Green Star Buildings Using NATSPEC.

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The Illawarra Could Reduce 88 Per Cent Of Australia's Emissions Thanks To A New Report


As outlined in a new report by the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative (ETI), an 88% cut to heavy industry emissions is possible and would set up key regions for the net-zero transition, says research backed by 18 of Australia’s largest companies. 

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LMG’s Fly Ash/Magnesium Recipe for Greener EV’s


ADAA member Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) has produced the world's first magnesium ingot made from recycled fly ash stored in repositories at the Yallourn Power station.

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Stanwell's CCP Recovery And Placement Road Demonstration- You're Invited!


Due to increasing interest in the use of CCP from the external industry, Stanwell would like to extend an invitation to ADAA members to come to Stanwell Power Station to see the recovery and placement.

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World of Coal Ash 2022


World of Coal Ash after a three (3) year hitaus retunred on May 16-19, 2022. Some 1,057 participants, falling just shy of previous WOCA attendance records, despite smaller-than-usual numbers of attendees from countries still struggling with COVID travel restrictions. Ultimately, 397 abstracts were submitted and 245 presentations were delivered during the conference.   Craig Heidrich, CEO of the Ash Development Association of Australia who has attended every WOCA since 2003, recalled at his first WOCA conference, just 97 papers were presented. 

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Roads Australia: Launch of The Journey to Net-Zero Event


Transforming transport systems to achieve net-zero emissions mobility is both a great challenge and one of our most powerful opportunities to achieve positive change. Come along and see how we can all band together and fast-track change. 

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Meta Uses Artificial Intelligence To Find New Eco-Friendly Concrete Mixes


In collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Meta (FaceBook's parent company) has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that optimises and sorts concrete mixtures best known for sustainability and strength. Who would've thought?

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A Bright Future For Eraring Power Station


Origin Energy (OE) has released a statement to the public announcing their intentions to prematurely close its only power station, Eraring power station. Here's what they had to say about the future of the plant and its ash repositories.

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How Ash Is Helping ASU Achieve Its Sustainability Promise


Back in 2018, Arizona State University (ASU) proposed to construct a US$192 million Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building that would be both striking and reflective of campus history; whilst being as sustainable as possible during its construction and lifetime. Construction began in January 2019 and has recently opened for usage by students. 

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