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The Ash Development Association of Australia is your industry body representing the interests of producers, processors, marketers, suppliers and other associated stakeholders of coal combustion products.  An important part of the Association’s role is ensuring that Association members are kept abreast of wider industry developments, environmental issues and legislation changes affecting our industry. 

To further enhance our current bi-annual ‘Coal Ash Matters’ industry newsletter, we have introduced a bi-monthly ‘Coal Ash Flash’  (e-Blast) to keep our members abreast of current news and issues from around Australia and the Globe. If you would like to subscribe to Coal Ash Matters and Coal Ash Flash, click below!



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The latest announcements, headlines and news briefs from within the industry

Regional CCPs Workshop 2.0 - AGENDA


Join us at the Regional CCPs Workshop 2.0!

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Boral co-funds two-year project developing low-carbon concrete


Experts and engineers from Boral, Southern Highland Concrete Construction and UTS are taking part in a new two-year manufacturing research project. The project aims to overcome the current technological barriers of low-carbon concrete manufacturing and accelerate the development of Boral’s lower carbon ENVISIA® concrete

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ACAA Podcast


Our US based sister Association, the American Coal Ash Association Executive Director Thomas Adams was featured recently on the “Let’s Be Civil” engineering podcast.  Prior, Tom was employed by the American Concrete Institute and has spent over 30 years in the ready mixed concrete industry.  Tom provides an insighht into coal combustion product benefication journey partnership programs with US EPA (C2P2) and uses in the US, but more importantly the future harvesting opportunities for CCPs and role in the circular economy. 40 min duration.

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SmartCrete CRC Project Progression


Following the award of $21m in grant funding from the Federal Government, SmartCrete CRC Ltd has been Incorporated and is on track to be operational in September this year!

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Indigenous community general store built from high-volume fly ash


The U PANEL walls contain a modular locking wall system that eliminates the need for cement, sand, lime mortar, screws, nails, or bolts to join the modules. The innovative product reduces build time by 75% compared to bricklaying; providing the Amata community with a cost-effective, easily installed and low-maintenance store.

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Fly Ash and Recycled Materials Construct Central Coast Road


A big win for the Central Coast and construction industry in driving Australia’s future towards a sustainable and circular economy.

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ADAA Participates in New Research Hub Tackling Waste Crisis


RMIT University is leading a new major Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub. The hub will address the landfill waste crisis in Australia and focus on transforming reclaimed waste into new materials for use in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

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The World of Coal Ash


The American Coal Ash Association has annouced the dates for WOCA 2021!

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$50 million magnesium project approved in Vic


The world’s first project to create magnesium out of brown coal fly ash has received the tick of approval in Hazelwood, Victoria.

Latrobe City Council granted Latrobe Magnesium with the $50 million investment to the region.

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Vietnam adopts the circular economy in green manufacturing



 Using state-of-the-art technology, the team addresses the challenges of industrial waste and resource expenditure.

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Heat treatment reduces alkali attack in geopolymer concrete


Fly ash, inevitably generated by coal-fired power stations, has more worth than flooding landfills and ash dams worldwide.  

It's ability to transform from a waste product into a environmentally friendly and economically savvy material is evident in geopolymer concrete. However, geopolymer structures exposed to highly alkaline conditions have shown low resistance, an undesirable outcome that researchers at the University of Johannesburg are tackling. 

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Carbon Capture Concrete


Opportunities arise for the concrete industry as it shifts towards sustainability with today’s technological advancements.

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'Beneficial Uses of Fly Ash' IEA Report


The International Energy Agency Clean Coal Centre has published a new report that expands on the growing market of coal fly ash. Beneficial Uses of Coal Fly Ash by Dr Ian Reid, Anne M Carpenter and Dr Alice Masili addresses the global shift in Coal Fly Ash (CFA) production and its increase in market value and importation demand for use across many sectors.

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We are pleased to announce that the LOW C3 2020 International Conference on Low Carbon Cement & Concrete has a new date on the calendar!

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As COVID-19 continues to evolve, the Ash Development Association of Australia would like to reassure our members that we are actively monitoring and responding accordingly to Government updates.

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WEBINAR - Current Technologies for Cofiring Biomass with Coal


The latest webinar from IEA Clean Coal Centre.

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SmartCrete CRC Gets the Green Light


Exciting developments for the SmartCrete CRC.

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CPEE have advised that, due to the ongoing and increasing social isolation measures being brought into place to slow transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

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LOW C3 has been postponed.

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Changes to Australian Standards 05/03/20


There have been numerous changes to Australian Standards that are relevant to our Industry.

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