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Coal Combustion Products Handbook
Second Edition

Coal Combustion Products Handbook: Second Edition is a culmination of a review commenced in 2011 by the original authors and members of the Association. The First Edition was released by the Cooperative Research Centre for Coal in Sustainable Development (CCSD) in 2007 which granted the ADAA permission to maintain this important publication representing more than $20 million of combined research into coal combustion products.

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Coal Combustion Product FactBook

Following the successful launch of our 2nd Ed. Coal Combustion Products Handbook in 2014, the Association is excited to announce our latest e-publication endeavour -- the Coal Combustion Products FactBook -- with the primary objective to communicate the complex ideas about coal combustion products to a broader and less technical audience.

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Fly Ash Reference Material (AS3583.1)

The Association in conjunction with the Standards Australia Committee BD031, which is responsible for the maintenance, review and amendment of AS 3582.1: Supplementary cementitious materials for use with portland and blended cement Part 1, have assumed responsibility for the production, control and supply of ‘Standard Reference Material - Fly Ash’ used to determine fineness against the Australian Standard method AS 3583.1

AS 3583.1 sets out the reference method for determination of the fineness of supplementary cementitious materials by the sieving method. Standard Reference Material - Fly Ash is supplied in 500 ml containers and available to purchase directly from the Association in single or bulk quantities.

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