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Member Employee Profile David Wright Coal ReUse 02 ADAA APRIL 2015 Membership COMPANY MEMBERS A primary role of the ADAA is to bring together producers and marketers of coal combustion products CCPs. Our activities cover research and development into CCP usage advocacy and technical assistance to CCP producers and users as well as a forum for the exchange and publication of CCP information. For more information on the Association visit us at RECIPROCAL MEMBERSHIPS CSIRO Association of Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash CIRCA European Coal Combustion Products Association ECOBA UK Quality Ash Association American Coal Ash Association World Wide Coal Combustion Products Network WWCCPN In this editions member profile we focus on one of our newest company members Coal ReUse and its Chief Financial Officer David Wright who has been elected to the Associations Management Committee for the next two years. We recently caught up with David to ask him about his industry involvement his companys vision for CCPs and his previous experiences and achievements. Coal ReUse wants to be recognised as Australias leading independent provider of Total CCP Solutions to Power Stations. Coal ReUse manages CCP site operations and develops markets for fly ash under its Open Market Principles including the worlds first online CCP marketplace. David is an investor in Coal ReUse and manages its financial and legal operations. How did you come to work at Coal ReUse I have been an investor of companies in the resources and energy sector that either wanted to take on incumbents or had interesting and potentially revolutionary technology. I worked as a competition lawyer at the ACCC and later represented some of Australias largest companies. I have also had around 20 years experience in the marketing and business development functions of business. After all of this I determined that at this stage of my career I would only work with people I actually like. Coal ReUse is a great intersection of these four things. Prior to Coal ReUse I have had a long diverse career full of challenges achievements and some failures. I have founded eight companies in different industries throughout my career. I most recently built a successful marketing agency for Higher Education Institutions. I have also been working on a personal project building a social venture for Higher Education students with disabilities. My private investment company invests in and advises a small number of companies on financial decisions. I serve on the advisory boards of a small number of technology companies and a multi-national professional services provider. Prior to that I am best known as the former Vice President of Macquarie University. What have you learnt at Coal ReUse I have learnt an incredible amount since starting this journey a few years ago. I believe that the industry has a lot to learn from other sectors. Like many industries there are the tough players good guys the disruptors and a few others. I have learnt not to underestimate the people I meet as I am learning from a lot of very smart people and I know that there is so much more that I can learn from this industry. What is the importance of Coal Combustion Products CCPs to Coal ReUse We believe that it is a travesty that the majority of this valuable resource is placed into long-term storage dams or landfilled when it has incredible performance opportunities and environmental benefits. For us our sole focus is CCPs - the management marketing and development of what we consider to be an incredibly valuable underdeveloped resource. We believe in a future where 100 of all CCPs produced in Australia are taken as a valuable input product and transformed into a diverse range of end-uses. What do you hope to bring to the Association The ADAA is about Ash Development and my career for the past nearly thirty years hate to say that has been about developing businesses commercialising technologies and removing barriers to industry development. A lot of what the ADAA will continue to achieve is in these areas and I hope to help as much as I can and incorporate some new perspectives to the discussion. Adbri Resources Adbri Masonry AGL Loy Yang Alinta Energy Boral Quarries Recycling Bulk Flyash Grouts Classique Environment Solutions Pty Ltd CS Energy Delta Electricity Energy Australia Victoria Engineered Material Solutions Genesis Power New Zealand Golden Bay Cement New Zealand Heeleys Consulting Hyrock NSW Independent Cement Lime Independant Flyash Brokers Intergen Millmerran Keller Mine Fill Latrobe Magnesium LLIS Industrial formerly Conneq Industrial Infrastructure NRG Gladstone Power Station Origin Energy Eraring Power Station Roads and Maritime Services Stanwell Corporation Sunstate Cement Synergy Verve Energy Vecor Australia Wagners Cement We believe that it is a travesty that the majority of this valuable resource is placed into long-term storage dams or landfilled when it has incredible performance opportunities and environmental benefits.