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Concrete 2015 Research into Practice CONFERENCE Concrete 2015 will be held at the Pullman in Melbournes Albert Park spanning three days 30 August 2 September allowing industry-leading stakeholders to share their innovative research in areas including materials construction and design. The theme for Concrete 2015 is Research into Practice. The Association will be a sponsor and exhibitor so make sure you visit the ADAA stand Concrete 2015 will also be hosting the 69th RILEM Week Conference. RILEM is the highly Respected International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials Systems and Structures and has widely published research on SCMs within the industry. The Awards for Excellence are one of the most exciting segments of the Conference. The awards recognise industry leaders for their innovative research in areas including design materials and construction. The Awards span three categories Building and Engineering Projects International Projects and Technology. The Kevin Cavanagh Medal for Excellence in Concrete is perhaps the Conferences most prestigious award. At Concrete 2013 Cox Rayner Architects took away the award for the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in Winton Queensland. The Museum highlights the utilisation of concrete in an incredible way. The medal was awarded due to the creativity and ingenuity of the building. Registration for the event opened in February. For more information please visit 08 ADAA APRIL 2015 Views expressed in Coal Ash Matters newsletter do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Ash Development Association of Australia. All contributions are welcomed though the publisher reserves the right to decline or edit for style grammar length and legal reasons. 2005-15. SUBSCRIBE TO COAL ASHmatters Do you have a bright idea for an ADAArticle Coal Ash Matters is produced for the benefit of ADAA members and readers. Before each publication is drafted an email is sent to all members asking them to contribute stories that they think are of interest. The kinds of content that would be preferable are Any new projects related to the ADAA and the industry Recent developments and innovations in the use of fly ash products Recent appointmentskey people of interest. We also have a Member Profile section which is open to all member companies for contributions on behalf of the business in general or a specific employee. So if you have some content that you think might make an engaging article for our readers get in contact with Editor Aiden Chilcott today at