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Opportunities for coal ash use in agriculture are well documented within research literature but in Australia we lack implementation and a strategic approach. Two papers accepted for oral presentation by Dr Jane Aiken and co-authored by Craig Heidrich at the 2015 World of Coal Ash Conference will address marketing of coal ash for agriculture through 1 promoting a commercial supply success model and 2 presenting a strategically national approach to the supply chain. For those interested in expanding their utilisation market to include a coal ash supply for soils and the agriculture market a paper describing reasoning for test methods suited to analyses for soils and agricultural purposes is currently being developed. If you would like access to this paper please contact Jane at LEAF Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework establishes the potential leachate concentration for a given material across a wide pH range. The LEAF methodology was discussed at the recent 2014 International Workshop on use of Coal Ash in Agriculture. The summary report for that workshop describes the strategies by Israel Greece Australia South Africa and India in using coal ash for agriculture. The report will also be posted for download notes the potential management opportunities for our industry if we adopt and use the LEAF methodology. Jane is a member of the ADAA National Technical and Education Committee and Convener of its coal ash in agriculture working group and advocate for the use of coal ash in agriculture. Jane is currently employed by Lend Lease Industrial Pty Ltd a full member of the Association contracted for ash management by EnergyAustralia NSW Mount Piper Power Station in New South Wales. Jane has partnered interests with Classique Environment Solutions Pty Ltd CES also a full member and operates Jane T. Aiken Consultancy. For further information particularly for coal ash in agriculture and soils-based applications or joining the Coal ash in agriculture working group could you please contact Craig Heidrich CEO Ash Development Association of Australia. www.adaa.asn.aucontact ADAA APRIL 2015 03 Agriculture and Soils Coal Ash Interest Group in