Product Category Rule for SCMs: The First Step for EPDs | Blog

Posted 21-09-2022
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A North American Product Category Rule (PCR) has been created for supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), the first step in developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Created by the American Coal Ash Association and Natural Pozzolan Association in partnership with Smart EPD, the PCR will ensure the ISO International Standards are followed and provide clear and concise evaluation methods for the cement/concrete manufacturers and pozzolan users. The newly established PCR will also act as a transparency tool by comparing the environmental impacts with similar products. 

The creation of a PCR by an organisation is first developed through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is established with the targeted product, and addresses product specific calculations and requirements specified in a PCR.           

Anna Lasso, Managing Director of Smart EPD and the newly appointed PCR project manager, emphasises her gratitude of the newly developed PCR explaining, “We applaud the coal ash and natural pozzolan industries’ efforts to develop this PCR because it is a big first step in providing transparency for SCMs, and consequently, cement and concrete...this is an important industry-led effort to enable procurement of lower-carbon materials required by federal and state ‘buy clean’ policies.”

What is Smart EPD?
Smart EPD is a Type 111 EPD Program Operator with a focus on developing consensus-based PCRs. They provide assistance, with meticulous third-party quality standards, to organisations who wish to create EPDs at scale. Smart EPD utilises sufficient digital tools to create, certify, and exchange product environmental impact data at scale. 

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