NSW Government Make $3.25 Million Investment To Support Construction Material Industry Efforts | Blog

Posted 02-03-2023
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The NSW Government have made a $3.25 million investment to support construction material industry efforts to explore and identify investment opportunities pathways for harvesting of stored coal combustion products within NSW into existing and new markets to further reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change in NSW.

Craig Heidrich, CEO of the Ash Development Association of Australia stated that, "the Association welcomes this announcement and funding commitment by the NSW Government to support economic and employment opportunities associated with coal combustion products. Studies and inquiries into carbon abatement opportunities in NSW identified coal combustion products for funding under the Carbon Recycling and Abatement initiatives which is pleasing".

Mr Heidrich noted, "over the coming months the Association will work closely with its members, construction materials stakeholders, key government agencies (e.g. TfNSW) and the NSW EPA implementation team to deliver the first milestone project – Coal Ash Pathways Research Partnership"

"Finally, whilst the funding is critical to our projects, wide stakeholder engagement and building clear understanding about future investment opportunities will be a core focus for harvested coal combustion products" Mr Heidrich said. 


About the Carbon Recycling and Abatement Fund

The Carbon Recycling and Abatement Fund initiatives targeting coal combustion products  opportunities are outlined below.

Carbon Abatement Opportunities for Circular Economy study identified several remanufacturing and recycling opportunities based on carbon abatement potential. The Carbon Recycling and Abatement Fund will support the following opportunities concerning coal combustion products:

1. Coal Ash Pathways Research Partnership: The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will partner with Ash Development Association of Australia to map and characterise ash repositories in NSW, gaining a better understanding of resource supply and applications to inform industry investment. $950,000 

2. Coal Ash Harvesting Infrastructure Fund: The EPA will provide funding to support feasibility trials targeting infrastructure and technology that improve access to stored coal ash repositories, informed by the findings of the Coal Ash Pathways Research Partnership with the Ash Development Association of Australia. $2 million

3. New and Updated Government Material Specifications for Geopolymer and Portland Cement: The EPA will partner with NSW Government agencies to fast-track new and updated material specifications to build demand for geopolymer cement applications and coal combustion products in Portland cement. $200,000

4. Publishing Coal Ash Supply Chain Information: The EPA will partner with NSW Government agencies to publish coal ash supply chain information and anticipate future demand. $100,000


For more information about these initiatives, visit the EPA website or contact the Ash Development Association of Australia to learn more and get involved.