Holcim’s ‘ECOPact’ Low-Carbon Concrete Can Reduce Emissions by up to 90% | Blog

Posted 29-09-2023
Category News

One of the industry’s leading solutions to reducing emissions from concrete is Holcim’s ‘ECOPact’ low-carbon concrete.

This concrete mix provides a minimum of 30% lower CO2 output, along with ‘ECOPact Max’ capable of obtaining up to a 90% reduction ion embodied carbon.

Holcim launched these products in 2020, and since then the implementation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) has given the industry greater transparency into what “low0carbon” concrete means.

Over the past 3 years, Holcim has begun providing EPDs for all products that the company produces in the United States.

ECOPact’s benefits include:

-Meeting the needs for climate action

-Reduces embodied carbon by 30-90% compared to standard general mix concrete

-Equivalent strength to conventional concrete

-Gains competitive advantage and meet evolving tender requirements that stipulate embodied carbon reduction targets

As concrete offers such a comprehensive solution for builders, developers, and contractors, reducing the CO2 emissions without minimising the performance of structures is a major talking point, and something that will only intensify over the coming years.