Boral’s Uses Envirocrete to Complete State-of-the-art Container Storage Facility | Blog

Posted 16-10-2023
Category News

Australian logistics company, Malec, has recently built a new facility at the Port of Brisbane.

The use of Boral’s ‘Envirocrete Plus’ was significant, with around 11,300 cubic metres of the eco-friendly concrete being used.

Envirocrete has been carefully designed to lower carbon emissions by using a wide variety of waste materials.

Using Envirocrete Plus results in a reduction in Portland cement & embodied carbon by 40%.

Incorporating recycled and waste materials enables both Boral and Malec to minimise the overall environmental impact that concrete makes during the construction phase.

The new container and storage facility comprises of a 750-square-metre workshop, a 300-square-metre office, 38,200 square metres of hardstand and a washbay.

The headquarters also includes a 60-kilowatt rooftop solar, recycled water to the washbay, stormwater collection and energy efficient fittings.

“As an Australian-owned company focused on serving major projects, our mission is to offer more sustainable construction solutions. This initiative reaffirms Boral’s commitment to partnering with enterprises that prioritise a sustainable future.” – Boral

Working together to lower carbon emissions is essential to reach the Net Zero target by 2050, and Boral is leading by example with projects such as this.