Cutting-Edge Concrete Mixer Integrates SCM Dual Bin Technology | Blog

Posted 06-02-2024
Category News

Cemen Tech introduces the 'CD2,' the latest advancement in its series of computerized dual bin volumetric concrete mixers.

This fully automated model features a distinctive split bin with separate compartments, facilitating the transportation and blending of various supplementary cementing materials (SCMs), notably fly ash, a vital component mandated by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and municipalities.

Integrating Cemen Tech's volumetric mixing technology with the innovative SCM dual bin, the CD2 enables real-time mixing of individual ingredients in any required proportions without the need for additional equipment or expenses.

Its user-friendly design, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable asset for contractors, broadening opportunities for diverse projects. The dual bin configuration also doubles the mixer's output capacity.

Cemen Tech highlights that the CD2 empowers operators to produce more resilient and sustainable concrete, with split bins holding up to 115 cubic feet of cement and 80 cubic feet of fly ash.

Each ingredient, including sand, stone, cement powder, fly ash, water, and additives, is stored separately, and mixed precisely on-site, facilitating efficient quality control testing, reducing downtime, and minimising material waste.