CCP Utilisation

CCP's produced from coal-fired power stations represent useful sources of raw materials for a range of applications and products. In addition to the new ash produced each year, the ash already stored (estimated to be in excess of 400 million tonnes) in ponds and other storage sites represents shallow-lying mineral deposits that are more readily accessible than many equivalent geological materials.

The utilisation of CCP's in a variety of both high and low value add products helps to conserve natural resources such as sands and gravels. This reduces the environmental impact that would otherwise be caused by mining these resources. In addition, the need to construct additional storage facilities at the power stations can be deferred or even eliminated.

Membership Survey - CCP Utilisation

The ADAA conducts an annual survey for information regarding CCP production and sales by members and non-members for each calendar year to determine the utilisation of CCP's annually. Information provided by members and non-members is collated and then aggregated into a national set of results and include CCP production levels, and nominated uses for all CCP's.

The survey results include all generators, marketers, (processing and marketing companies) and users for the total production and resulting sales for each end use.

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